Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our E-Shop Host is shutting down

Hi everyone,

This post is to inform all our dear customers/followers that our present E-Shop host will be shutting down and as such, our e-shop link will cease to exist once our hosts shuts down by end of this year!

In the interim, we are working on getting a new e-shop platform and update the latest in-stock items therein

Please follow us on our Instagram to get the latest updates/feeds and in-stock items! 

Search #bagzhauzinstock on our Instagram to view all available in-stock items and feel free to Whatsapp us to enquire for more details if you spotted an item you desired!

We apologise for all the inconveniences caused and our massive lack of manpower is the cause of our delay in launching our new e-shop platform!

Please kindly be patient - we hope to roll out our new e-shop platform latest by January 2016!

New Year with a brand new start!

Don't uolls agree?


Monday, September 28, 2015

We've Missed You!

Hi dearies,

We know its been an awfully long time since we last posted eye-candies here on our blog but due to the lack of manpower to do so, we were only able to post on our Instagram feeds!

We know alot of you would probably be missing out - so we want you to re-connect with us - Feast on the eye-candies at our Instagram!

We are presently away on holiday getaway in Amsterdam but we will be doing a quickie crossover to Paris for a quick 1-2 days shopping before we are due to return to Malaysia!

Be sure to Whatsapp us if you would like to place an order ya!

Click on our Instagram link on the right sidebar to be re-directed to our Instagram profile!
 Click load more when therein to view more photos/eye-candies/latest collections/arrivals at boutiques!

Alternatively, you can click HERE ---> Connect to Instagram

Much love to all who has been supportive of our small humble biz and its always a pleasure to be of service to all of you!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our E-Shop to switch platform by year end

Hi uolls,

Sorry that we have not been updating our blog with eye-candies. Be sure you are following us on our Instagram at @catzrulz for all of our LIVE feeds and latest goodies secured for our dear customers - 1st timers and returns alike!

We have received news from our e-shop service provider that they will be shutting down by end of this year!

As such, we are working hard to switch our e-shop into a new platform and once it is up and running at the new platform we will put up an announcement here!


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Authenticity GUARANTEED for ALL goods from Bagz Hauz Fashion

Hey uolls,

First and foremost, we apologise that we have not been able to update our blog with eye-candies for all to feast upon but we have been extremely busy and have no manpower to update the blog!

Henceforth, this brings us to the next issue we want to emphasize RIGHT here!

1. ALL Bags here at Bagz Hauz Fashion are GUARANTEED to be AUTHENTIC or your money back! Period! No ifs, ands or buts

NO fakes here!

Buy with absolute confidence here at Bagz Hauz Fashion! That's our guarantee and assurance!

2. We at Bagz Hauz Fashion only have 3 platforms on the social media of which we feature our products that we have procured for our customers!

A) Blogger platform which is here - our blog is Bagz Hauz Fashion

B) Instagram platform - our MAIN platform on which we now feature LIVE feeds when we are overseas during our shopping trips OR goodies that we have procured successfully for both 1st time and returning customers! Be sure to follow us on our Instagram (our ID is @catzrulz)

C) E-Shop - this is where we normally will feature our IN-STOCK items complete with the prices in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit). To view our list of in-stock items, be sure to visit our eshop at

We know that when you google images, you may come across our copyright photos/images appearing on other website besides those listed above.

Please note that we are NOT associated to any of those website. They are image thieves and feel free to report it to us if you come across our images appearing on other website besides the 3 we listed above! Click and drop us an email (click the link below)

We also have to emphasize that we DO NOT have Facebook!

There are many pages on Facebook bearing similar names to ours but its NOT us! Period!

We have one standard banner/logo design which u can see at the header of our blog herein!

We thank you for your time in reading this post! Appreciate it!

We also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim blog followers
Salam Aidilfitri 2015!
Maaf Zahir & Batin 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

No manpower to update blog

Heya darlings..

Sorry for not updating our blog for past 3 months - we have been extremely short-handed and we had no manpower to update the blogs as frequently as we wished to!

Please kindly follow us on Instagram for goodies secured for our dear customers and also LIVE updates when shopping are in progress in Europe!

Click HERE to link to our Instagram account! ---> @catzrulz

Any enquiries, please feel free to email or Whatsapp us directly for prompt response ya!


IF you do not receive a reply to your enquiry especially if you left a comment here at our enquiry box at our blog - do send us a reminder OR just Whatsapp us directly!

Enquiries HERE!


This is STRICTLY for feedback/enquiries ONLY! Any Ads found here will be deleted without prior notice!

**COMPULSORY** Pls leave your email address so that enquiries can be responded to! TQVM

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