Thursday, January 26, 2012

Safely Arrived Malaysia :)) ~ Batch 4

Yeay! All our pre-ordered bags from Dec batch have arrived.. Apologies for our delay in posting up the pictures :P

Come cuci2 mata yea? :)
PRADA Vitello Daino Leather Bauletto Boston Bag (BR3091) - Black
~ For Shirley ~
NINE WEST One Stop Shopper Large Tote
~ For Christa ~
KATE SPADE Alpine Hills Stevie
~ For Carmen ~
COACH Julia Legacy Stripe Swingpack (Style: 46801)
~ For CL ~

Thanks to all our beloved clients who have supported us thus far and we sure look forward to your continuous support in this brand new year 2012 :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon (2012)

We at Bagz Hauz would like to wish all our beloved our clients who are celebrating this Lunar New Year of the Dragon (2012) 


Happy Chinese New Year


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Safely Arrived Malaysia :)) ~ Batch 3

Our shipment from Europe finally arrived Malaysia - albeit being detained by Customs.. we managed to clear the parcel out.. Some of our beloved clients have already received their bags today... we appreciate your valuable comments to be posted on our Bagz Hauz page in FB yea ^_^

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Noel De Carousel (Ref: 1621526)
~  For Carmen ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage 'Eiffel Tower' (direct from Paris)
~ For Joey, Roselinda & Khasmalia ~
LONGCHAMP Apache - Large/Short Handle (Ref: 1623387) in Black
~ For Leeya ~
LONGCHAMP Patch Poney Toile - Medium/Long Handle (Ref: 2605525)
~ For SG ~
LONGCHAMP Planetes - Large/Short Handle (Ref: 2605002) in Hazelnut
~ For Leeya ~
LONGCHAMP Planetes - Large/Long Handle (Ref: 1899002)
~ For Mazura ~

Come cuci2 mata yea..this is our last batch for now before we close for the CNY festivities.. :P

We continue to receive orders - Delivery will only be only from mid-3rd week February 2012 onwards yea? :)

Not forgetting a batch of Le Pliage bags in various sizes too for our beloved clients.. hehe ^_^

Saturday, January 14, 2012

LONGCHAMP Victoire Tote in Black - **SOLD-OUT**

~ No longer restockable!

LONGCHAMP Victoire Tote (Large/Short Handle)

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: **SOLD-OUT**
LONGCHAMP Victoire Tote (Large/Long Handle)

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: **SOLD-OUT**

Our heartiest thanks to all our beloved clients who grabbed all our ready stocks within these few days :))

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready Stock - GUCCI Bardot GG Tote (Best Price Deal!)

Style: 265698 FZIFG 9903

Limited Edition LONGCHAMP De Noel Carousel (1621526)

Ref: 1621526 (Color: Mocha)
Close-up details

LONGCHAMP Apache - Medium/Long Handle (2605387)

Ref: 2605387 (Color: Loden)

Also available in Black (no picture available)

LONGCHAMP Apache - Large/Long Handle (1899387)

Ref: 1899387 (Color: Black)
Close-up of the fringes & feathers detail

Also available in Loden (no picture available)

LONGCHAMP Apache - Large/Short Handle (1623387)

Ref: 1623387 (Color: Black)
Ref: 1623387 (Color: Loden)
Close-up of the fringes & feathers detail

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage® Plaid - Large/Long Handle (1899416)

Ref: 1899416 (Color: Black)
Ref: 1899416 (Color: Grey)

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage® Plaid - Large/Short Handle (1623416)

Ref: 1623416 (Color: Black)
Ref: 1623386 (Color: Grey)

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage® Plaid - Medium/Long Handle (2605416)

Ref: 2605416 (Color: Black)

Ref: 2605416 (Color: Grey)

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage® Plaid - Small/Short Handle (1621416)

Ref: 1621416 (Color: Black)
Ref: 1621416 (Color: Grey)

LONGCHAMP Patch Poney Toile Collection

Ref: 1621525 (Small/Short Handle)
Color: Natural
Ref: 1623525 (Large/Short Handle)
Color: Natural

Ref: 2605525 (Medium/Long Handle)
Color: Natural

Ref: 1899525 (Large/Long Handle)
Color: Natural

Stocks available would be whatever ready stocks we have in hand only - no further pre-order can be accepted as this line is already discontinued (past season)

Limited Edition LONGCHAMP Noel- Small/Short Handle (1621527)

Ref: 1621527 (Color: Peacok)
Close-up details

New from LONGCHAMP (Year 2011)

These collections are now past those who owned them.. congratulations for owning these exclusive limited edition collection :D

Le Pliage Plaid
Available in all sizes & 2 colors (Black & Grey)
Small/Short Handle (Ref: 1621416)
Large/Short Handle (Ref: 1623416)
Medium/Long Handle (Ref: 2605416)
Large/Long Handle (Ref: 1899416)
Le Pliage 'Pony' (Ref: 1621526)
Available in 1 size & 1 color only
~ Small/Short Handle (Mocha)
Le Pliage Noel (Ref: 1621527)
Available in 1 size & 1 color only
~ Small/Short Handle (Peacok)

Le Pliage Apache
Available in 3 sizes & 2 colors (Black & Loden)
Large/Short Handle (Ref: 1623387)
Large/Long Handle (Ref: 1899387)
Medium/Long Handle (Ref: 2605387)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Safely Arrived Malaysia :)) ~ Batch 2

More of our bags have arrived - this batch were safely hand-carried back by our friend from London :)

We'll be delivering the bags personally to all clients - meantime, as usual, come cuci-cuci mata :D

Our orders hand-carried back from London :)
PRADA Reversible Nylon Tote (Style: BR4490_ZRU_F0002)
~ For LT ~
PRADA Document Holder (Product code: 2M0836_053_F0002)
~ For LT ~
PRADA Business Card Holder (Color: Gold)
~ For Vivian ~
MIU MIU Matelassé Wallet (Color: Chocolate Brown)
~ For Joey ~
LOUIS VUITTON Cosmetic Pouch (Product ID: N47516)
~ For Lynn ~
LOUIS VUITTON Eva Clutch (M95567)
~ For Margaret ~
ORLA KIELY Soft Leather Willow Bag (Color: Blush)
~ For Ririn ~

There are still more bags on the way... we'll be posting up more pictures very soon as shipments are now on its way.. Hang in there everyone :P

Ready Stock - GUCCI GG Boston Bag (SPREE!)

Style: 265697 FZIFG 9903 (Color: Brown)

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