Thursday, August 29, 2013

**SOLD** ~ PRADA BN2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote - Color: Bluette

We had fulfilled the dream of one of our 1st time customer in owning the above bag as she has searched high and low for this bag!

**SOLD with ♥♥**
PRADA BN2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote - Color: Bluette
Side view
Back view
Inner view

Monday, August 19, 2013

**SOLD** ~ CHANEL's in the Hauz ♥♥

We are glad to be able to secure these babies.. well, Le Boy is still not in our list of conquest as we do not have confirmed orders received for them :/ Anyways. come check out these beauties
CHANEL Reissue 2.55 Large in Black Vintage Leather with SHW
~ For Yee Ling ~
CHANEL Classic Jumbo Flaps in Patent Marine & Patent Red
**SOLD with ♥♥**
Up close CHANEL Classic Jumbo Flap in Patent Marine with SHW
**SOLD with ♥♥**
Up close CHANEL Classic Jumbo Flap in Patent Red with SHW
**SOLD with 
These are in-season CHANEL Jumbo Flaps in Patent Leather.. a must-have add-ons to your collection for all you avid CHANEL aficionados / collectors out there :P

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 2013 Goodies (Part 1)

Our partner helped procured these goodies during the recent Raya holidays and lookie at the goodies we managed to procure.. hahhahaa ^_^ 
Come feast your eyes yea? :D

Next trip is confirmed! :P
Departure: 20th August 2013

All deliveries will commence on 28th August 2013 onwards ^_^

The bountiful CHANEL's in the Hauz! 
CHANEL's in the Hauz

We are very fortunate to be amongst the 1st to grab this beautiful **LATEST ARRIVAL** CHANEL Classic Jumbo Flap in Navy Blue Caviar with SHW ♥♥
CHANEL Classic Jumbo Flap in Navy Blue Caviar with SHW
~ For Rina ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

CHANEL GST in Dark Burgundy with SHW
**very surprised to be able to secure this beauty as this is a limited edition release**
~ For Raedah ~
CHANEL SS13 Flap Bag in Calf Leather
~ For LSH ~
We received orders for CHANEL Sunglasses for the very first time and its been our pleasure to have procured them successfully for our dear clients ^_^
CHANEL Aviator Sunglasses - Brown
~ For Zuraini ~
CHANEL Sunglasses with Bow
~ For Shan ~

CHANEL 'New' CC Earrings - Gold
~ For Kenix ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Surprise.. surprise... Check out this lovely CELINE Phantom Medium in Sun color :)
CELINE Phantom Medium - Color: Sun (Yellow)
~ For Shan ~
We even had the privilege of securing this beautiful limited edition FENDI Peekaboo in Blue (really hard to get - waiting period of easily 6months for this baby) :-O
FENDI Peekaboo - Blue
~ For Lily ~
The LOUIS VUITTON's Summer Exclusive - The Neverfull Ikat is BACK in stock at the boutiques..
LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull Ikat MM - Color: Rose Indien
**Highly sought after**
~ For Razmin & Jocelyn ~ 

♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Friday, August 9, 2013

Raya Orders FULFILLED ♥♥

All orders placed by our dear customers have all been dispatched and all have successfully received their respective parcels.. all in time before Raya! Yay! :D

Meantime, this was a very last minute order placed by our dear customer and we are glad that we managed to secure them successfully and have the bags delivered to them (mother and daughter) personally in time before Raya... ♥♥
FURLA Candy Satchels
~ For Fyka & her mama~
We also helped fulfill our dear customer's dreams of owning their dream bags especially everywhere they went to check, stocks were unavailable OR they have lost all hopes of ever finding these beauties ♥♥
PRADA BN2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote - Color: Bluette
~ For Christina (SG) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

We once again managed to restock this limited edition LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull Ikat MM from their Summer Collection :)

L: Rose Indien ~ SOLD with ♥♥
R: Rose Velours ~ 
SOLD with ♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull Ikat MM - Color: Rose Indien
~ For Cheryl (AU) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull Ikat MM - Color: Rose Velours
~SOLD with ♥♥~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Salam Aidilfitri from us here at Bagz Hauz ♥♥

We believe most of our beloved Muslim followers/customers/fans of our humble blog / page here at Bagz Hauz would have made your exodus back to your kampung to celebrate the upcoming Raya :)

For those who will be making the journey this last minute.. drive safely and heed all the speed limits on the highway yea?

Pandu Cermat, Jiwa Selamat :)

We take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim followers / customers / fans here at Bagz Hauz 


We will also be taking a short breakaway during this holidays.. but rest assured, orders are always welcomed - particularly for all our in-stock items

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Our preorder remains OPEN!
Feel free to drop us a message to place your preorders at anytime :D

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