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March 2013 - Goodies Galore (Part 2) ~ UPDATED!

We have updated all the goodies for month of March 2013! All new preorders goodies will be posted up later under our April 2013 goodies yea? hahahhaha

Yes yes.. all of you are awaiting our list of ready stocks.. those will be posted up very soon... patience patience :P
CHANEL Jumbo in Beige Caviar Leather with SHW
~ For Grace C ~
CHANEL Jumbo in Black Caviar Leather with SHW
~ For Heliene ~
CELINE Mini Luggage Trio
~ For M.Huey ~
BURBERRY Small Haymarket Check Tote Bag
~ For  Angeline, Wen & Sheau Ling ~
BURBERRY Small Smoked Check Messenger Bag (Ref: 36896341)
~ On behalf of AN ~
FURLA Candy Satchels
~ For Intan & Alice ~
FURLA Candy Satchel (with Rattan Basket base)
**SOLD to Jac**
FURLA Candy Satchel in Dragonfruit Rose
~ For Nadwa ~

GUCCI 'New Ladies Web' Medium Hobo
~ For Najah ~
GUCCI Tote Bag
~ For Amelia ~
GUCCI 'Craft' Medium Tote with Detachable pocket
~ For KSY, NR & Jennyfer~
LOUIS VUITTON Multiple Wallet in Damier Ebene
~ For MH ~
LOUIS VUITTON Milla Clutch in Monogram Canvas
~ For Balqis ~
LOUIS VUITTON Favorite PM in Monogram Canvas
~ For Michelle ~
LOUIS VUITTON Fascinante in Monogram Empreinte (Color: Jaipur)
~ For Rina ~
PRADA Patent Saffiano Leather Tote (BN2316) in Rosso
~ For Shan Shan ~
PRADA Saffiano Leather Tote (BN2316) in Orchidea
~ For Carol ~
PRADA Canvas Tote (BN1872) in Papaya
~ For Jocelyn ~
YSL Y Clutch in assorted colors
~ On behalf of AN ~

PRADA BR4253 in Bluette & Ibisco
~ For Evonne & Megan ~
PRADA BR4257 in Black/Antracite
~ For Pei-yu ~
PRADA BR4993 in Black & Bleu
~ For Ai Mei & Sandy ~

There are more ready stocks of PRADA bags from outlets!
Give us some time to snap pix and post up yea? :) 
So be sure to stay tuned oh! :P

13S CHANEL CC Earrings
**SOLD to Heliene**
CHANEL Earrings - New collections
~ For SV & TBT ~

Friday, March 29, 2013

Italy Buying Trip - Goodies Galore!

OK.. OK.. I guess all of you have been waiting anxiously to feast your eyes on the goodies we secured from our recent buying trip isn't it?

Ok.. here goes.. mind you that these are only the 1st batch that we managed to bring back... there'll be another batch coming by 25/3/2013! :P

DIOR Large Lady Dior
L ~ Multicolor Lambskin
R ~ Orange Lambskin
DIOR Large Lady Dior - Multicolor Lambskin
~ For Nor Aziha ~

DIOR Large Lady Dior - Orange Lambskin
~ For Nor Aziha ~
CHANEL Large Executive Tote (A15206)
~ For Christel ~
LOUIS VUITTON Sofia Coppola PM Calf Bag
~ For Rina ~
DIOR Large Panarea Canvas Tote
L ~ Coral
R ~ Burgundy
DIOR Large Panarea Tote - Burgundy
~ For Elaine ~
DIOR Large Panarea Tote - Coral
~ For Jocelyn ~
PRADA B2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote
L ~ Cobalt / Blue
R ~ Geranium/Orchide
PRADA B2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote - Geranium/Orchide
~ For Ai Mei ~
PRADA B2274 Saffiano Lux Leather Tote - Cobalt/Blue
~ For Ai Mei ~
PRADA BN2535 Saffiano Vernice Tote - Arancio
~ For Rosliza ~
PRADA Nylon Gaufre Tote (B1336M)
~ For Aida & Grace ~
BALENCIAGA Giant 12 City -
~ For Coco ~
BURBERRY Medium Smoked Check Tote
~ For Connie ~
BURBERRY Medium Smoked Check Crossbody Bag
~ For Masryiah ~
FURLA Candy Bags
L ~ Mini Candy
R ~ Candy Boston Bag
FURLA Candy Boston Bag - Light Blue
~ For Jessy ~
FURLA Candy Mini Bag - Marble-Beige
~ For Ivy ~
GUCCI Nice GG Supreme Canvas Tote - Beige
~ For Melissa ~
GUCCI Nice GG Supreme Canvas Tote - Maple Brown
~ For Marhaini ~
MULBERRY Effie Hobo - Apricot
~ For Najah ~
LOUIS VUITTON Alma BB in Epi Leather - Black
~ For May ~
LOUIS VUITTON Sully MM in Monogram Canvas
~ For Ida ~

PRADA Saffiano Leather Wallets - Assorted colors/designs
~ For Grace, Shan Shan & on behalf of AN ~
PRADA 1M1290 Wallet on Chain
L ~ Begonia
R ~ Black
PRADA 1M0506 Ziparound Wallet - Blue
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA 1N1422 Nylon Wrislet - Papaya & Blue
~ For Gwen ~
BURBERRY Smoked Check ID Wallet (Ref: 36952381)
~ For Shan Shan ~
GUCCI Men's Wallet / Key Pouch
~ On behalf of AN ~
YSL Y Line Ziparound Wallet - Red
~ For Pei Thin ~
LOUIS VUITTON Emilie Wallet - Rosso
~ For Margaret ~
LOUIS VUITTON Multiple Wallet - Monogram Canvas 
 ~ On behalf of AN ~

PRADA BN1841 Nylon Shopping Tote - Black  (SOLD-OUT!)
~ For Vinny, Catherine & Ivy ~
**Highly sought after - demand more than supply!**
PRADA BN2534 Leather Tote - Peonia
~ For Mimi ~
PRADA BT0772 Messenger Bag
~ For S.Hong ~
PRADA BN2106 in Rosso
~ For Megan ~
PRADA BR4253 in Black (SOLD-OUT!)
~ For Doris & on behalf of AN ~
PRADA BN1902 in Black
~ For Vivian ~
PRADA Cellular Phone Pouch (2ARF78) / Coin purse (1M0268)
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA Men's Wallet / Card Holders (Assorted designs)
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA Keyholder
~ For Shan Shan ~
GUCCI Fabric Tote - Brown
~ For Gee ~

HERMES Limited Design Iconic Bracelet - Silver
~ For Zuraini ~
DIOR Oblique Earrings - Silver
~ For San Jean ~
DIOR Crystals Studs CD Earrings - Silver
~ For San Jean ~
DIOR 'Dancing Stars' Earrings - Silver~ SOLD with ♥ ~
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Earrings - Purple & Orange
~ For Az ~
CHANEL Crystal CC Pearl Bracelet
~ On behalf of AN ~
CHANEL Large CC Crystal Pendant - Gold
CHANEL Crystal Drop Earrings & CC Crystal Pearl Drop Earrings
~ On behalf of AN ~

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