Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Safely Arrived Malaysia - February 2012 (Batch 2)

We're back from yet another short, sweet albeit cold buying trip to Europe.. we'll start delivering bags from 21/2/2012 onwards... meanwhile, come feast your eyes babes ^_^

MULBERRY Alexa in Plaster Pink
~ For ZI ~
LONGCHAMP Maroquinerie (LM) Medium/Short Handle (Color: Pinky Gold)
~ For Nur Ammal ~
LONGCHAMP Maroquinerie (LM) Medium/Long Handle (Color: White)
~ For Celia ~
MIU MIU Madras Goat Leather Wallet (Color: Black)
~ Resold to AJ ~
LONGCHAMP Maroquinerie (LM) Medium/Long Handle (Color: Pinky Gold)
~ For Anne ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Small/Short Handle (Colors: Red & Navy)
~ For Mirzatul ~ 
PRADA Messenger Bag (Color: Dark Purple)
~ For Joey ~
LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Empreinte Secret Long Wallet (Color: Ombre)
~ For Adel ~

Thanks everyone for your support and we sure look forward to serving uolls again very soon here at Bagz Hauz ^_^

Ready Stock ~ MIU MIU Madras Goat Leather Wallet (5M1109) - SOLD!!

SOLD!! ^_^

MIU MIU Madras Goat Leather Wallet (Product code: 5M1109 034  F0002)
Color: Black
Inner view

Friday, February 10, 2012

PRADA Gaufre' Fabric Tote BN1792 (UPDATED!)

Art #: BN1792_QR1_F0192 (Color: Ebony)
Art #: BN1792_QR1_F0002 (Color: Black)
Art #: BN1792_QR1_F0480 (Color: Slate Grey)
Art #: BN1792_QR1_F0008 (Color: Blue)
Side & Back views
Inner view

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Designer Promotions!

♥♥♥♥ Ahhhh... Love is in the air again.. ♥♥♥♥

Valentine's Day is approaching very soon and here are some highlights of promotions by these respective designer brands!

Check it out and treat your Valentine's to a beautiful gift this year ^_^

Find your gift for her HERE
Find your gift for Him HERE
CHANEL Valentine's 2012
Click HERE
Shop for your Valentine's Gift (Him & Her) HERE

Here are more collections available by other designer brands in celebration of this romantic day!

♥♥ BALENCIAGA - Click Here ♥♥

♥♥ MIU MIU - San Valentino's Collection - Click Here ♥♥

♥♥ MULBERRY - Click HERE ♥♥

Monday, February 6, 2012

Misc. Designer Brands Bags ~ SOLD-OUT!!

These designer bags are **SOLD-OUT**
LANVIN Eiffel Tower Shopping Bag (AWCAA EIFP5B)
Color: Black with Red Stitched Eiffel Tower

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price:
LANVIN Eiffel Tower Shopping Bag (AWCAA EIFP5B)
Color: Black with Grey Stitched Eiffel Tower

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: 
MARC JACOBS Metallic Drawstring Bag (M3112094)
Color: Metallic Brown

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: 
MOSCHINO Messenger Bag (A9001)

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: 
Please click 'Continue Reading' for bag description and specifications :) 

Review: Reviewed by Fashion Online Malaysia :))

Ooh la la.. our very first review in this brand new year 2012!

Our heartfelt thanks to Amanda at Fashion Online Malaysia for featuring our humble blog under their Pick of the Day - LOUIS VUITTON ^_^

We sure look forward to more reviews from you again very soon! ^_^

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Safely Arrived Malaysia - February 2012

We're back from our buying trip to Paris.. it was a rushed trip and several bags were out of stock in Paris :( We will try to secure them on our next buying trip on 15/2/2012...

Meantime, here are some of our client orders to share with you all.. come cuci2 mata as usual ^_^
GUCCI Wrislet with Interlocking G detail (Style: 212203 AA61G 2019)
Color: Chocolate
~ For Samantha ~
LONGCHAMP Autour De Ha Long - Medium/Short Handle (Ref: 1623509)
Color: Chocolate
~ For Shamsidar ~
LONGCHAMP Planetes Medium/Short Handle (Ref: 1602002)
Color: Black
~ For Chyselle ~

Also we have several bulk pieces of the LONGCHAMP Le Pliage in various sizes and handles. Our heartiest thanks to Aida, Nurul, Iza, Fizz and Lina for your support ^_^

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