Saturday, June 30, 2012

Italian Buying Trip Goodies ~ June 2012 (UPDATED!)

We must apologise once again for our delay in updating our blog.. We have been busy sorting out our orders and having them sent out to our beloved clients and of that our our resellers behalf too.. LOLZ!! ^_^

Nonetheless, come now and feast your eyes on our goodies purchased from our recent Italian buying trip!

CELINE Mini Luggage (Color: Grey)
~ AN Personal conquest!!!~
CHANEL GST with Silver Hardware
~ For April (on behalf of AN) ~
CHANEL L Yen Wallet (Color: Red)
~ For Nor Asmah ~
DIOR Panarea Medium Tote (Color: Rosato)
~ For Maizatul ~
DIOR Panarea Medium Tote (Color: Beige)
~ For Nurulhudda ~
FURLA Candy Satchel (Color: Neon Orange)
~ For Norlida ~
GUCCI Vintage Web Boston Bag (Style:  247205 FW91G 8502)
~ For Vivienne ~
GUCCI Belt with Interlocking G buckle (Style: 114984 H90WN 8783)
~ For Winnie ~
GUCCI Men's Leather Wallet (Color: Dark Brown)
~ For Suhaila ~
GUCCI Heart Zipped Continental Wallet
~ For Jesslynn (on behalf of AN) ~
GUCCI Sukey Top Handle Bag
~ For Queenie (on behalf of AN) ~
LOUIS VUITTON Palermo PM (Product code: M40415)
~ For Suhaila ~
LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene (Product code: N51105)
~ For Safidah ~
LOUIS VUITTON Bellevue GM (Color: Amarante)
~ For Yvonne (on behalf of AN) ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir  ~ Ref: 1512737 (Color: Red)
~ For Momin ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir ~ Ref: 1630737 (Color: Taupe)
~ For Zai ~
~ For Frances (on behalf of AN) ~
MIU MIU Crystals Clutch
~ For LH (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA Saffiano Calf Leather Tote ~ BN2274 (Color: Black)
~ For PS (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA BN1778 (Color: Slate Grey)
~ For Linda (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA BN1841 (with Red leather trims)
~ For BJ & SW (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA BN2106 (Color: Black)
~ For Jo Ann & L.Yeoh ~
PRADA BN1881 (Color: Black)
~ For NYW (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA 1M0506 (Color: Blue)
~ For Kenji (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA Wrislet with Bow Ribbon
~ For SY (on behalf of AN) ~
PRADA Wallet (1M1225) + PRADA Messenger Bag + PRADA Hobo (Color: Black)
~ For Vinnie (on behalf of AN) ~
TOD'S G-Line Easy Sacca Media (Color: Light Blue)
~ For Zai ~
~ For Sandra (on behalf of AN) ~
CHANEL Double C Pendant
~ For Winnie ~
TOD'S Flat Shoes
~ On behalf of AN ~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London/Paris Buying Trip ~ June 2012 (Batch 1 ~ UPDATED!)

Our partner was at London and Paris briefly securing our 1st batch of orders.. 

We are now collecting pre-orders for our upcoming buying trip to Europe! 

Let us do your shopping for you! :D HURRY and submit your orders to us! Book your slot early yea? :D

Meantime, feast your eyes on our 1st batch of orders :P
We will update this post again soon as more items reaches our hands by next week ^_^

GUCCI Vintage Web Boston Bag (Style: 247205 FWCZG 9791)
~ For Christina ~
BURBERRY Small Smoked Check Hobo Bag (Article: 36904351)
Color: Smoked Trench
~ On behalf for AN ~
BURBERRY London Leather ID Wallet (Article: 38014451)
Color: Black
~ On behalf for AN ~
PRADA Saffiano Calf Leather Wallet (1M0506_ZTM_F0002)
~ On behalf for AN ~
YVES SAINT LAURENT Patent Leather Zipped Wallet (Ref: 177555 AB87G 5515)
Color: Fuchsia
~For Ayu~
GUCCI Belt with interlocking G buckle (Style: 223891 FU49X 1000)
~ On behalf for AN ~
LOUIS VUITTON Alexandra Wallet (Product ID: M60047)
~ For Leeya ~
HERMES 'H' Necklace ~ Black 'H' with Silver Strap
~ On behalf for AN ~

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready Stock - LOUIS VUITTON Palermo PM (SOLD!!)

TQ to Sue for your support ^_^


LOUIS VUITTON Palermo PM (Product ID: M40145)

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price:

Ready Stock ~ DIOR Panarea Medium Tote (Color: Rosato) ~ SOLD!!

TQ to Maizatul for your support ^_^


DIOR Panarea Medium Tote (Color: Rosato)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Announcement - Europe Buying Trip ~ June 2012 (UPDATED!)

Counting down to another 9days before we depart for our next European buying trip!!
Come let us do your shopping for you! ^_^

Our Europe preorder is NOW OPEN!!!

We are now collecting orders for our upcoming trip. 
Submit your orders to us on or before 18th June 2012 yea?

Great news! We still have slots available for BALENCIAGA, LOUIS VUITTON & CHANEL! :)

HURRY and come book yours NOW as we have buying quotas for these 3 brands and its filling up FAST!!

Other brands like DIOR, PRADA, GUCCI, YVES SAINT LAURENT etc are all welcome too! 
No buying limits for these brands.. so we welcome as many orders as possible :D

We will also strive to restock some past-season bags models like PRADA, GUCCI, TODS and more!!

Please let us know which model you're eyeing and your preferred colors ASAP! If we can secure the stocks, you shall be notified!!

PM us at with your desired items (be sure to provide us the exact code of your desired items for speedy quotations)

We look forward to serving uolls very soon ^_^

Saturday, June 9, 2012

**SOLD** - YVES SAINT LAURENT Zipped Wallet in Patent Leather (Color: Fuchsia)

YSL Zipped Wallet in Patent Leather (Color: Fuchsia)
Ref: 177555 AB87G 5515
Inner view

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ready Stock - GUCCI 'Craft' Medium GG Canvas Tote


GUCCI 'Craft' GG Canvas Tote (Style: 247209 F4CMG 8453)

✔ Bagz Hauz Fashion Price: 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

♥♥PRELOVED♥♥ - LOUIS VUITTON Trevi PM (Damier Ebene)


~ Hardly used
~ As good as brand new- 10/10 (in superb condition albeit a tiny scratch mark at the bottom corner) :O
~ Comes complete with dustbag & gift receipt

~ We'll give a complimentary brand new LV paperbag to the proud new owner of this preloved bag :D

Actual pix of the preloved LOUIS VUITTON Trevi PM 
View of the bottom (actual shot)
View of the inside (actual shot)
View of the corner (actual shot)

Bag details:

Size: 34 x 24 x 15cm
Boutique retail price: RM6,600.00


London Buying Trip Goodies (UPDATED!)

Our partner just returned from a super duper quick buying trip on our behalf..

Come cuci2 mata of all the goodies we have secured during this brief trip

CHANEL Jumbo with Silver Hardware in Caviar Leather
~ On behalf for AN ~
LOUIS VUITTON Alma (Product ID: M91445)
~ For TNJ ~
GUCCI 'Craft' Medium GG Canvas Tote (Style: 247209 F4CMG 8453)~ For Fana ~
PRADA BN1801 Bag / PRADA 1M1132 Wallet
CHANEL Classic Double C earrings
~ On behalf for AN ~
PRADA BN2106 in Black & Pink
~ On behalf for AN ~
TOD'S Ivy Media Sacca
~ For Chia Li ~
BURBERRY Large Washed Leather Crossbody Bag (Color: Saddle Brown)
~ For Sara ~
GUCCI 'Mayfair' Bow Detail Shoulder Bag (Style: 269893 FFKPG 9791)
~ For Lydiana ~
PRADA Canvas Tote with White Leather Trimmings (BR4253)
~ For Catherine ~ 
CHANEL Cambon Wallet
~ On behalf for AN~
~ On behalf for AN ~
GUCCI 'GG' Men's Wallet
~ On behalf for AN ~

CHANEL Necklace with Double CC pendant
~ For Winnie ~
CHANEL Classic Double C earrings
~ On behalf for AN ~
CHANEL Square Earrings
~ On behalf for AN ~


We are now making plans for our next Europe spree in June.. 

so start submitting your orders to us NOW as selected brands such as CHANEL & LOUIS VUITTON - we have a very limited quota yea? The earlier you book your slot, the better :)

Orders for all brands are welcomed yea?

Enquiries HERE!


This is STRICTLY for feedback/enquiries ONLY! Any Ads found here will be deleted without prior notice!

**COMPULSORY** Pls leave your email address so that enquiries can be responded to! TQVM

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