Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wishlists Fulfilled with ♥♥

Firstly, sorry for our delayed posting!

We had a frantic trip to Europe with my team as we struggle to hunt down CHANEL bags! ALL CHANEL bags prices across Europe has been revised upwards since 14/4/2014!

ALL New preorder prices will take effect for all outstanding bags yet secured 
(please confirm if you still want to proceed with your orders)

Meantime, these would be our compilation of goodies secured (and we would like to apologise for failing to secure more as we are held-back by the strict purchase restrictions imposed by CHANEL).. we are already very fortunate to have secured all the beauties that we had :P 

Nonetheless, we had managed to fulfill more wishlists of both return and 1st time customers alike!

Our latest trip's loots!! Are they yummy or what? hahahahhaa... 
Do you spot yours here? hahahhaha....
April 2014 Loots :)
CHANEL Maxi Flap in Patent Fuchsia with SHW
~ For Nor Aziha ~
CHANEL Maxi Flap in Patent Turquoise / Bleu with SHW
~ For Nor Aziha ~
CHANEL Medium Flap in Turquoise / Bleu Lambskin with SHW
~ For SBAS ~
CHANEL Medium Flap in Mustard Yellow Lambskin with SHW
~ For Rina ~
DIOR Diorissimo Medium Tote in Tricolor (Red/Lilac/Nude)
~ For Hazrina ~
DIOR 'Lady Dior' Evasion Wallet - Orange
~ For SKS ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
GUCCI Miss GG Original Canvas Hobo
~ On behalf of AN ~
GUCCI Supreme GG Canvas Tote
~ On behalf of AN ~
LOUIS VUITTON Capucine MM in Ocre
~ For Nor Aziha ~
~ For Nor Aziha ~
LOUIS VUITTON Pochette Metis in Monogram Canvas
~ For Fiona T ~
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damier Ebene
~ For Eleanor ~

We had a lot of requests for CHANEL Brooches and this trip we did our best to grab as many as we possibly can.. check them out!
Assorted CHANEL Brooches
~ For Hazrina, QQChanel Lover ~
Here are some lovely CHANEL Brooches in-stock NOW, up for grabs! :)
CHANEL CC Black Crystals Brooch
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Hazrina ~
CHANEL CC Pink/Gold Brooch
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Fadlina ~
CHANEL A64978 Large CC Pearl Brooch
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Roziana ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
What about earrings? We secured some lovely beauties too.. hehehe.. We have 1pair still left in stock :D
CHANEL Large CC Earrings with pearls
~ For QQChanel Lover, Heliene ~
CHANEL A64893 Rhinestone CC Earrings
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
CHANEL A63057 Tangled-up CC Earrings - Silver
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Dorene ~
We are fortunate to come across the lovely DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings in Pearl color and it was promptly grabbed by our return customer :)
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Pearl color
~ For Carmen ~
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Aubergine Blue~ SOLD with ♥♥ to QQChanel Lover ~
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Silver
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Florence ~
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Duo color Gold/Silver
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Sharon ~

We even fulfilled impromptu last minute grabs of 3 SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Hair Bands for our dearest customers hehehhehe :P
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Hair Band - Navy Blue + Beige
 (Available in assorted colors for preorders)
~ For Stephanie & QQChanel Lover ~

This trip we helped secured 4 pairs of shoes.. the boxes really took up a lot of our luggage space :( Nonetheless, we are glad to have fulfilled their requests :)
CHANEL CC Flat Sandals - Black
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
CHANEL CC Flat Sandals - Silver Grey
~ For QQChanel Lover ~

There are also goodies our partner helped secure from London for our dearest customers ^_^
BURBERRY Medium Canvas Check Tote - Color: White
~ For Asyida ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
GUCCI GG Supreme Canvas Belt Bag
~ For Tai Yung Yao ~
LOUIS VUITTON Eva Clutch in Damier Ebene
~ On behalf of AN ~
MULBERRY Bow Clutch Wallet in Shiny Goat Leather - Color: Ballet Pink
~ For Christine ~
PRADA 1M1290 Wallet with Chain - Color: Black
~ On behalf of AN ~
We are saddened with the news of water-damage of some items that we had secured for our loyal customer previously as her house had a bad case of water leakage when she was away! Nonetheless, we are pleased to have re-secured some of her damaged items!
CHANEL Perforated Gloves - Color: Pinky Red & Silver
~ For QQChanelLover ~
We also managed to bag some lovely accessories that were snapped up by our return customers in mere minutes!! hahahhaa

CHANEL A44787 Exclusive CC Earrings~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Alice ~
CHANEL A63145 Full Pearl CC Brooch
~ For Hazrina ~
CHANEL Axxxx CC Pearl Brooch
~ For Alice ~
This was our very 1st time securing a ring for our 1st time customer from EM and we are pleased to hear from her that she has received her ring and the size fits perfectly :)
BVLGARI Bzero1 Ring - size EU54 (Asian 14)
~ For Fiona F ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Our delighted customer who snapped a photo of the ring fitted to her finger and she was glad that the size fits her finger perfectly :)
Again, we fulfilled shoes orders for our customers.. a hard one to carry back in bulk especially with the boxes!!
CHANEL Bow Ballerinas - Beige/Black (size 38)
~ For Hazrina ~
CHANEL Bow Ballerinas - Beige/Black (size 38)
~ Ria Astria ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
We are indeed fortunate that we have finally secured this almost always sold-out flats for our 1st time customer all the way from Brunei :)
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Bermuda Jelly Flats - Color: Black
~ For Sobrina Y ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
We will post up more goodies after our upcoming month end trip to Europe yea? hehehe :)
Let's see what goodies we can snap up by then! ^_^

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CHANEL Price Increase April 2014 is OFFICIAL!!!

CHANEL Classic Flap Bags Price Increase in 2014
Prices have gone up in Paris on April 14, 2014 and the increase is around 15% from the previous prices!

Those of you of whom we have managed to secure your bags at our latest trip - you are indeed lucky and fortunate that you did not need to fork out extra for the same bag now that the prices have gone up soo much!

As such, all our preorder prices will have to be revised with immediate effect!! 
ALL previous preorder prices quoted are now deemed null & void! 

We are awaiting for the exact price for the Classic models from our SA in Paris! 
We will update again once we have the exact prices and we will also be checking CHANEL KL boutique's latest retail prices!

For all outstanding CHANEL orders in Q, please get in touch with us to let us know if you would still like us to proceed with the procurement of your desired flap bag following this latest price revision by CHANEL yea?


Saturday, April 5, 2014

NEWS! CHANEL Prices Reach New Levels of Expensive!

Brace yourselves!! 
We are expecting another price hike by CHANEL anytime this month! :(

This was an article we came across that we thot of sharing with uolls!

Wish us luck in our upcoming trip (we are departing on 9th April) that we can secure whatever orders possible before the price increase yea! 

We are further held-back due to CHANEL's strict purchase restrictions allowing a mere 1 bag purchase per passport every 2months! 

Unfortunately our quota are all maxed-out with the numerous CHANEL bags secured to date but one of our team members going on this trip do have 1 bag quota available! We shall see who's the lucky one to receive her bag from our long preorder Q list of CHANEL bags!

**All preorder prices quoted before are valid till the next price adjustments by CHANEL!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LV Spree - 10th April 2014 (1-day only)

Recognise this iconic building don't you? =)
OK, me and team is heading to Europe yet again and we are having only a 1-day stopover in Paris to secure all LV preorders in hand.. hahaha..

So if you wana order your dream LV bag, now's the time as we have the quota yea.. HURRY HURRY! Don't miss out

ALL orders along with upfront 50% deposit must be received latest by 8th April 2014 yea? :)


Drop us an email or Whatsapp us directly for price quotes yea... 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring 2014!!!

SOLD with ♥♥
CHANEL's in the Hauz ♥♥
1. The latest Spring 2014 Flap Bag in Pink Jersey
~ Exudes elegance yet casual, easy to use and lightweight :)
SOLD with ♥♥

2. CHANEL Cambon Wallet in Black
SOLD with ♥♥

3. CHANEL Zippy Wallet in Light Blue
SOLD with ♥♥

4. CHANEL L-Gusset Flap Caviar Wallet in Red & Black
SOLD with ♥♥

5. CHANEL Mini CC Crystals Earrings with Pearl Drop
SOLD with ♥♥

6. CHANEL Classic Slim CC Earrings - Silver
SOLD with ♥♥

7. CHANEL CC Brooch
SOLD with ♥♥

Thanks to all for your support :)

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