Monday, February 24, 2014

Announcement: LOUIS VUITTON Price Increase (w.e.f 24/2/2014)

After less than 4 months of their last price revisions, LOUIS VUITTON Europe has prices revised UPWARDS by an average of 7% on their leather products :(

Following their price adjustments, all our preorder prices would have to be adjusted accordingly!

Please feel free to PM or Whatsapp us on your desired items so we can quote you the latest preorder prices yea :)


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

UPDATED ~ Valentine's Shopping Goodies ♥♥

We made one of our shortest spree ever to fulfill last minute Valentine's orders...we apologise that delivery is delayed as we only returned on Valentine's Day itself but our customers are all delighted nonetheless to have their dream bags secured successfully by us.. yet again! :)

Apologies for our delay in posting this up! :P
A glimpse of the goodies we secured. :)
We were told by both our 1st time customers that they have approached various resellers and all claimed that this bag has no stock across Europe - Paris & London and guess what.. we secured them both successfully :P
CHANEL A58600 Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar with GHW
~ For Noralia & Angeline ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
What's Valentine's without the lovely CHANEL's limited edition Valentine's Flap in Lambskin
CHANEL Valentine's Flap in Black Lambskin
~ For Zuraini ~
DIOR Panarea Large Canvas Tote - Color: Coral
**Seasonal color**
~ SOLD with ♥♥ ~

Lady luck was on our side as we finally secured this exclusive LOUIS VUITTON Capucines MM in Pomme for our dearest customer! ♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Capucines MM - Color: Pomme
~ For Nor Aziha ~
LOUIS VUITTON Billfold with 9 cc slots
~ On behalf of AN ~
LOUIS VUITTON Initials Monogram Belt
~ On behalf of AN ~
LONGCHAMP Roseau Box Bag - Color: Platine
~ For Aida ~
LONGCHAMP Roseau Croco Handbag - Color: Vermillion
~ For Aida ~ 
Last minute LONGCHAMP orders fulfilled (what we can't find in Paris, we found them all in London) :)
LONGCHAMP Veau Foulonne Checkbook Holder & Card Case in Rose Pink/Fuchsia
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
LONGCHAMP Roseau Box Bag - Color: Black
~ For Aida ~
LONGCHAMP Ile Aux Pantheres Tote - Color: Lagoon
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
PRADA BN1874 Saffiano Calf Leather Tote - Color: Bluette (Cornflower Blue)
~ For Joanna ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Yeay.. we managed to fulfill our regular customer's orders for these (there are still other items pending but we are happy nonetheless) :)
CHANEL Slim CC Earrings - Gold / Camellia Key Pouch / Camellia Card Case
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
A rare beauty - CHANEL Necklace was secured for our customer too :)
CHANEL A36121 Rhinestone CC Pearl Necklace
~ For Sharon ~
Also we secured these beautiful DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings in these rare colors! U can always mix and match the colors :)
Assorted DIOR Earrings
- CD Crystals Pearl Drop Earrings - Gold & Silver

~ For QQChanel Lover ~
The rarest of them all is the duo color Silver & Gold Pearl Earrings which was literally snapped up by our regular customer - hahhahahhaa
DIOR duo color Silver/Gold Pearl Earrings
~ SOLD with ♥♥ ~
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Matte Blue
~ SOLD with ♥♥ ~
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Matte Pink
~ SOLD with ♥♥ ~

This trip we made exceptions and fulfilled a fair bit of shoes orders.. hahaha :)
CHANEL Bow Ballerinas - Black/Grey
~ For QQChanel Lover ~

The latest FERRAGAMO Bermuda Jelly Flats - Spring 2014 colors 
(available in Pale Pink / Mid Blue & Fuchsia Pink) 
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Bermuda Jelly Flats - Color: Pale Pink
~ For Siti Fatimah ~ 
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Bermuda Jelly Flats - Color: Mid Blue
~ For Siti Fatimah ~ 
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Bermuda Jelly Flats - Color: Fuchsia Pink
~ For Zaty ~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

**In-Stock NOW** ~ LONGCHAMP Planetes 2014 Spring Season Colours

SOLD-OUT with ♥♥

LONGCHAMP Planetes 2014 Spring Season colors!

**This collection has since been discontinued and its replaced with the LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Neo collections!**
LONGCHAMP Planetes in assorted sizes/colors

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