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Post-Raya Bag Craze + Paris Spree Goodies ^_^

Firstly, we are back from our Paris shopping trip.. hahhaa.. Come check out the goodies secured this trip..

We only finished sorting out our luggage in the night.. so we did not snap a groupie under the poor lighting conditions.. but we have a quickie groupie of them all inside their paperbags.. hahaha :)
Our goodies from Paris with 
The worst  part of this trip was our gruelling 2-hours ++ queue'ing to enter CHANEL boutique.. gosh.. we are thankful that we managed to grab all the CHANELs that we did..

Most of our ready stocks are snapped up but we still have some accessories available.. photo details further below as your scroll down
Check our e-shop link for more details yea

Click here ---> E-shop..

We will post the earlier batch of goodies that was secured and successfully delivered to all our eager customers before Raya and immediately after the Raya holidays (before we departed for our trip) :P

We will follow then with the individual photos from our Paris trip :P

Our partner in London is assisting us in securing several other items too.. we will post up photos in our next blogpost yea :)


These orders came trickling in at the last minute and we are pleased to have secured them at the last minute and one of it was delivered by us personally to our customer in time for her to use it for Raya! hahahhahha :P

This beauty is our very 1st CHANEL Castle Rock Handbag - in large size secured for our darling customer.. we delivered this beauty on the eve of Raya (27/7/2014) :P

Our customer definitely beraya dengan gayanya this year.. ahhaha :D
CHANEL A67801 Castle Rock Large Handbag - Color: Black
~ For Airin ~
This beauty was secured successfully from London... a delayed Raya bag for our customer (we are awaiting her settlement of payment) :)
CHANEL A49889 Chain-Around Flap - Color: Khaki-Green
~ For Azlita ~
We had procured this beauty in Medium size for our customer earlier and now, we secured its smaller version - the CELINE Mini Trapeze in this lovely tricolor combination 
CELINE Mini Trapeze in Tricolor
~ For CLJ ~
Our 2nd unit secured as ready stock was snapped up as soon as we posted the bag up on our Instagram on 11/8/2014
(Details further below under Batch 2) :)

These are a batch of BALENCIAGA bags we secured for our customers during the last Sales Privilege we enjoyed on 27th July 2014.. hahahhaa.. TQ to all for your support :)
BALENCIAGA Classic Mini City - Color: Rouge Cardinal
~ For Carmen Lee ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Mini City - Color: Black
~ For Jess T ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Town - Color: Bleu Persan
~ For Hazleen ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold City - Color: Vert Jade
~ For Fadlina ~
At the request of AN, we finally secured this MICHAEL KORS Selma Medium Tote in Raspberry Pink for her customer from London :)
**Note: MICHAEL KORS is a USA brand yea ^_^
MICHAEL KORS Medium Selma Tote - Color: Raspberry Pink
~ For K.Poh Ni (on behalf of AN) ~


CHANEL A69080 Coin Purse - Color: Rose Pink
~ For Mickey (on behalf of AN) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL A69080 Coin Purse - Side view
CHANEL Wallet on Chain in Black Lambskin with GHW
~ For Ms. V ~
BALENCIAGA Metallic Edge Ziparound Wallet - Color: Black
~ For Heliene ~
BALENCIAGA Metallic Edge Ziparound Wallet - Inner view
LOUIS VUITTON 6 Key Holder - Monogram Canvas
~ For Sya (Brunei) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥


BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Triple Tour Bracelet - Color: Black
~ For Christine Oon ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
A last minute request and wish is fulfilled :)

CHANEL A40923 Aviator Sunglasses
~ For Eva ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Individual goodies successfully secured for our customers from our latest Paris trip - both 1st timers & return alike.. thank you for your trust and continuous support :)

She was amongst the last to come in with this CHANEL bag request and surprisingly, hers was the very 1st bag we managed to secure.. hahaha :)
Her very 1st CHANEL bag :P
CHANEL A92360 Flap Bag - Color: Gris
~ For Zaty ~
CHANEL A92360 Flap Bag - Back view
CHANEL A67801 Castle Rock Large Handbag - Color: Blue
~ For Phek Ling ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Our greatest achievement this trip is our success in securing 2 units of this cute lil baby.. the A69900 Rectangle Mini Flap in Black Caviar SHW for both our customers.. their wishlist is fulfilled at last!!

Oh your eyes are not tricking you.. it is indeed 2 units seen here :) hahahhaha

CHANEL A69900 Rectangle Mini Flap in Black Caviar with SHW
~ For Ivy & CLJ ~
We took a bold move by grabbing this rare beauty as our ready stock - again it was snapped up as soon as we posted it up on our Instagram on 11/8/2014 :)
CELINE Mini Trapeze in Tricolor
 ~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Nelly ~

Another first.. a unique DIOR 'Miss Dior' Promenade Clutch in Metallic Finish - Color: Electric Blue secured for our 1st time customer with ♥♥
DIOR 'Miss Dior' Metallic finish Promenade Clutch - Color: Electric Pink
~ For Kelly Tai ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damier Ebene
~ On behalf of AN ~

A last minute order that came in on our last day of shopping in Paris and we are pleased to have successfully secured it for our 1st time customer :)
BALENCIAGA Classic City - Color: Black
~ For MC ~
♥♥1st time customer

BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato VN Leather Wallet - Color: Brown
~ On behalf of AN ~
BOTTEGA VENETA Intrecciato VN Leather Wallet (inner view)

Oh yes, we found it at last.. 

We thank the good Lord for answering our prayers.. we found and secured the CHANEL WOC in Black Caviar with GHW in Paris for our 1st time customer from Down South... yay!! Celebration mode now.. hahaha :)
Her order fulfilled at long last.... we thank you for your kind patience :).. 
CHANEL Classic Quilted Wallet on Chain in Black Caviar with GHW
~ For Rachel (SG) ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
The bonus was our success in securing 2 more units of the popular WOC in Black Caviar... 1 in GHW & 1 in SHW (Meant to be our ready stocks)

But both ready stocks was snapped up by our customers 
(1 even before we returned to Malaysia) and another on the same day we posted it up on our Instagram... hahahhaha
CHANEL Classic Quilted Wallet on Chain in Black Caviar with GHW
 ~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~
CHANEL Classic Quilted Wallet on Chain in Black Caviar with SHW
 ~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Christine ~
CHANEL A50097 Ziparound Wallet in Black Lambskin with GHW
~ For Esther ~
Our return customer seeked our help to secure her dream wallet as she can't get it from the local LV stores as she was told the item is discontinued.. we are pleased to have managed to secure it for her.. wishlist fulfilled yeay!!! :)
LOUIS VUITTON Zippy Wallet in Monogram Multicolore
~ For Linda ~

Please note that we welcome all enquiries - regardless if you're looking to purchase an item below RM300 up to RM30,000 - we provide you the same level of service - no favoritism here yea :)
LOUIS VUITTON Pilot Sunglasses
~ For Jess Tan ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Neo Clutch - Color: Poppy
~ For Christine ~
Most of our ready-stocks are grabbed up but we still have these CHANEL accessories up for grabs (for more details, feel free to visit our e-shop for prices yea) :)

Click HERE ---> IN-STOCK Accessories
CHANEL Glass Crystals CC Brooch
(approx. size: 5cm x 3.5cm)

~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Roziana ~
CHANEL Full Pearl CC Brooch
(Approx size: 5cm x 4cm)

 ~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Suriaar ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL Gold CC Earrings
(approx. size: 1.5cm x 1.1cm)

~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~
CHANEL Slim CC Earrings - Dark Silver
(approx. size: 2cm x 1.5cm)

 ~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~

Your wish is our command and we are pleased to have secured these for our customers :)

The only pair we managed to find!
CHANEL Leather Espadrilles in Beige/Black (size 39)
~ For Beryl ~ 
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
**NOTE: We do not have any ready stocks of the popular CHANEL Espadrilles yea.. if you're interested for us to help find you a pair, please Whatsapp OR email us directly indicating your desired size/color and be in our waiting list for them yea.. they are hard to come by and we will notify you when your size/color is available**

Our customer from EM Whatsapp'ed us requesting for this pair of shoes as she can't find her size in KL (we are glad to have found it for her) :)
~ For Anne Basuni ~
A surprise grab :)
We found this lovely VALENTINO Rockstud Flats for our customer in size 41! ^_^
VALENTINO Rockstud Flats - Color: Red
~ For Fadlina ~

Stay tuned for our next blogpost yea...

We successfully secured a CHANEL Castle Rock Handbag from London in Dark Beige for our customer.. and the Leather Espadrilles reserved by our SA in CHANEL has now been collected and will be back to KL soon (ready for dispatch to all eagerly awaiting customers) hhehehhee :P

Enquiries HERE!


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