Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pre/Post CNY Goodies Secured!

How was CNY for those of you who celebrated? 

Month of February was a relatively slow month for us with the CNY holidays but our preorder remained open!!! Hahahaa...

We must accord our heartfelt thanks to all our customers (new and existing) for your trust and continuous support to us here @ Bagz Hauz!

Anyways, let's cut the long story short.. come feast your eyes on the eye-candies secured this month!!! hehehe...

**Classic models of LVs sold this month of February - Neverfulls / Speedys - we did not snap any more photos to post** hahhahahaa

There is still 1 last batch of goodies arriving our hands on 2/3/2013 - for delivery on 4/3/2013 (before we depart for our buying trip on 5/3/2013)

**Shall update more photos over the weekend.. if time permits :P**

We hunted for this bag high and low.. at last found a brand new unit - freshly delivered and we snapped it up before it was gone! hahahhaha :D

PRADA BL836C Saffiano Leather Tote in Talco/Ginest color
~ For Nor Aziha ~
This wallet was 1 hard piece to secure as our client preferred this in Caviar leather but no stock available in Caviar.. so she opted for this beautiful Lambskin instead... 
good choice! ^_^ 
CHANEL L-Gusset Flap Wallet (A50096) in Black Lambskin
~ For Joanne ~
* No caviar leather available this season for most of CHANEL wallet models
(especially quilted design) *
GUCCI Medium GG Supreme Stars Canvas Messenger Bag
~ For Eda ~
A back-to-back order from our client above who was utterly amazed with our super speedy delivery (less than 1 week turnaround from date of order to date of delivery in hand with her in EM). Hahhaa.. here's her 2nd piece :P

GUCCI GG Supreme Stars Canvas Ziparound Wallet
~ For Eda ~
LOUIS VUITTON Sully PM in Monogram Canvas
~ For Aizar ~
~ For Nabiah ~
LOUIS VUITTON Sarah Wallet in Damier Ebene
~ For Nurulhudda ~
LOUIS VUITTON Agenda MM Cover in Monogram Canvas
~ For Siti Rahmah ~
PRADA Saffiano Men's Leather Wallet (2M0513_QTD_F0216) in Baltic Blue
~ For Angeline ~
This color is extremely difficult to secure - its almost always SOLD-OUT everywhere! So when we chanced upon it.. well, what the heck.. we grabbed it and its now in hand with us in KL! Who wants it? hahahhaha ^_^

PRADA BN2274 Saffiano Leather Tote in Red
**SOLD to Rika with ♥**

CHANEL Camelia Flower Earrings (A61498)
~ On behalf of AN ~
CHANEL Classic CC Earrings
~ Successfully restocked for Rosmariza ~ 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

**SOLD-OUT** ~ Past Season & In-Season LONGCHAMP!

Finally we find time to snap pix of our in-hand LONGCHAMP bags that we have secured from our last buying trip... 

Your last chance to grab these past season models and your opportunity to grab the latest LONGCHAMP Planetes in the new Terracotta color (the in-season color this Spring 2013)! ^_^

ALL Ready stocks are GONE!!! 

as LONGCHAMP has already discontinued this collection yea? 
LONGCHAMP Victoire 19cm/short handle in Burgundy

LONGCHAMP Victoire in Gun Metal
L: 25cm/long handle


R: 25cm/short handle


ALL Ready stocks are GONE!!! 

as LONGCHAMP has already discontinued this collection yea?
LONGCHAMP Ostrich 30cm/short handle - Color: Red

Last units in hand and all that we have... no more other stocks yea? This collection is already past season and discontinued by LONGCHAMP!!
LONGCHAMP Autruche Croco 30cm/short handle - Color: Duck Blue
Our price: 

The in-season color is Terracotta (hue of Red)!! 
LONGCHAMP Planetes 25cm/Long Handle 
(available for preorder in Black only)
LONGCHAMP Planetes 31cm/Long Handle (Color: Terracotta)
Our price: **SOLD-OUT**

Thursday, February 21, 2013

SOLD-OUT ~ TODS Signature Medium Tote in Grafite!

~ SOLD with ♥ ~
TOD'S Signature Medium Tote in Grafite
Side view
Inner view (one zippered pocket and snap button closure)

Bag comes complete with tag & dustbag only yea! No box / paperbag as it is an outlet item!

Our price:
~ SOLD with ♥ ~

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breaking News!! LOUIS VUITTON Price Increase w.e.f. 15/2/2013!!!

Psst... Hey uolls.. have you all heard?
LOUIS VUITTON has revised their prices upwards yet again - w.e.f 15/2/2013 - Just after Valentine's! :( What a bummer! :(

Feel free to PM us directly at for the latest preorder prices yea? 

NOTE that our preorder for LV is ALWAYS OPEN!!! No closing dates yea! 
U can always enquire with us the latest delivery dates when you want to place an order yea ^_^

TQVM ^_^



1. We are proud to announce that our EPP (EzyPay Installment Plans using your VISA / Mastercards with tenures of 6 / 12 months are NOW AVAILABLE here at Bagz Hauz

Feel free to enquire within if you're interested yea? :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

DISCONTINUED: Longchamp Le Pliage Collections


The Le Pliage® collection is being enriched this season with exotic lines with a glamorous foreign charm

Le Pliage® Tigre
Colors: Camel

Available in 3 sizes:
25cm/short handle (Ref: 1512541)
40cm/short handle (Ref: 1630541)
31cm/long handle (Ref: 1899541)

Le Pliage® Autruche Croco
Colors: L: Duck Blue;  R: Khaki

Available in 3 sizes:
30cm/short handle (Ref: 1623542)
31cm/long handle (Ref: 1899542)
25cm/long handle (Ref: 2605542)




Available in 2 colors: L: Gun Metal; R: Burgundy

Available in 4 sizes: 

~ 19cm small/short handle (Ref: 1601544)
~ 25cm medium/short handle (Ref: 1620544)
~ 25cm medium/long handle (Ref: 2605544)
~ 31cm large/long handle(Ref: 1899544) 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FURLA Bags Collections

Our collection of FURLA Candy Satchel Bags that are mostly snapped up by our clients / resellers alike!! hahahhaha

FURLA Candy Bag (no strap) - Color: Juice Orange 
**SOLD with ♥♥**
FURLA Candy Satchel with Croc Base (we secured 2 units ready stocks and all are snapped up!)
~ For Rosmariza & MZ ~
FURLA Candy Satchel with Snakeskin
(Limited edition by FURLA to greet the Lunar New Year of the Snake)
~ For MZ ~
Thanks to all who have been sooo supportive ^_^

Most models are restockable but the limited edition is no longer restockable yea:/ Sorry babes!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013!

We here at Bagz Hauz 

would like to wish all who celebrates this Lunar New Year of the Snake a sss...smooth sailing Year ahead this 2013!!!




Custom Order: ZATCHELS Hello Kitty Black and White Polka Dots Satchel

This personalised ZATCHELS Hello Kitty Satchel - 14.5" arrived our hands at lonnngg last!!! We must thank our beloved client for being soo patient!!!

The 1st shipment of this bag pre-X'mas 2012 was lost in transit.. God knows what happened to the bag :(

Zatchels subsequently made a replacement unit for us and this unit reached us after weeks of waiting (inclusive of more than 10 days here in Malaysia - supposedly withheld by customs for taxes) of which the agent appointed to deliver this bag is utterly hopeless!!!

Anyways, our consolation and utter relief is that the bag arrived us in good condition and delivery will be made in person to our client (after the CNY holidays) :P

Note that this satchel comes in 3 different sizes: 11.5", 13" & 14.5"

To personalise your very own, please visit ZATCHEL'S official website

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jan 2013 Buying Trip Goodies (Part 2)

A lonnggg overdued post.. hahahhaa.. 

After our last buying trip.. our partner continued her shopping for us including making a short trip to Paris too ^_^

Not forgetting the arrival of our parcel containing all our ready stocks FURLA Candy Bags/Satchels and the latest LONGCHAMP Planetes in new Terracotta color [secured during our last trip in Europe] :)

We will post on the ready stocks separately yea ^_^

MORE Eye-Candy to feast ON! :P

Hah... our 1st here in Bagz Hauz - the CHANEL New Mini Flap in Lambskin :P
CHANEL New Mini Flap in Blue Lambskin with SHW (A69900)
~ For Angela ~ 
CHANEL CC Crown Tote (A67493) in Blue
~ On behalf of AN ~
This trip we managed to secure quite a fair bit of CHANEL Accessories.. some of these were already snapped up.. hehehhe :) But there are still some available.. hhahaha.. check them out!! Hard to come by! ^_^

Scroll to the end of our blogpost here to view what are the remaining accessories available yea? ^_^
CHANEL CC Pearl Brooch with Pearl Drop
**SOLD to Faz**
1 more unit of the CHANEL CC Pearl Brooch with Pearl Drop just newly secured.. and comes with a perfectly matching earrings too ^_^ [Photos coming soon]

CHANEL Classic CC Crystals Earrings
**SOLD to Ivy** 
CHANEL Mini CC Necklace - Silver
**SOLD to Pei-yu** 
GUCCI 'Mayfair' Original GG Canvas Bow Detail Tote (Style: 257061 FAFXG 8594)
~ On behalf of AN ~
GUCCI Script French Flap Wallet (Style: 282412 AZA2G 5702)
~ For Farrah ~
GUCCI Multicolor Contrast Bi-Fold Wallet (Style: 281951 BMJ2N 1071)
~ On behalf of AN ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir (Ref: 1515737545) - Color: Red
~ For Grace ~
LOUIS VUITTON Multicolore Pouch
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA Saffiano Leather Tote
- BN2274 in Turquoise / BN1801 in Sabbia
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA BN1801 Saffiano Leather Tote - Black + PRADA 1M0506 Ziparound Wallet - Bluette
~ For Megan ~
PRADA BN2274 Red/Black Saffiano Leather Tote
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA 1M1132 Saffiano Multicolor Wallet - Black/Peony
~ For Chan PL ~
PRADA 1M0506 Saffiano Ziparound Wallet - Color: Caramel
~ For Sharon ~
YSL Y Clutch in Black Textured Leather (311213 BF90J 1000)
~ For Christine ~

Fans of FURLA.. check this out!! :)
FURLA Candy Satchels in vivid hues :)

Bags from USA!!
We even received several USA brands orders and we passed to our USA counterpart to secure them for us and they came timely - before CNY! hahahhaha
COACH Legacy Leather e-Reader Sleeve (Style: 62826)
~ For ZI ~
MICHAEL KORS Jet Set Top-Zip Saffiano Leather Tote - Color: Tangerine
~ For Kay Chin ~

Utterly surprised that this bag came with a huge box!!! Thankfully our client self-collecting it.. hahhahaha :D

COACH Bleecker Signature Messenger (Style: 70868)
~ For Serena ~

HERMES Clic H Extra Large Enamel Bracelet (Ref: 300153F01PM)
~ For Maria ~
CHANEL Accessories

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