Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Start of 2014 ~ Goodies Secured & Wishes Fulfilled :)

We began the brand New Year 2014 with renewed determination 
(following our loss of our FB page on 12/12/2013)

We continue to fulfill our beloved customer's dreams and wishes and we strive to continually do so in the months ahead! :)

We also went for our quickie trip to Paris and managed to secure abundant of goodies for our dearest customers..

(we will include the goodies we secured and sent off to our dear customers prior to our trip) - we apologise for the delay as it has been a rushed and hectic month for us (in our attempt to fulfill last minute orders in time for CNY) :P
Our shopping trip is always soo rushed but it was indeed a luxury this trip
having the chance to view this magnificent tower in the night :)
We returned home with a mere 3 luggages this trip (a quickie trip meaning we secure as much as we can but not to be too ambitious for fear of running into trouble with customs) :O

Oh yes, we unpacked all the contents and these were amongst the goodies that were now sent out / received by all our customers :)

Now the detailed pix of all the goodies hahaha :D

CHANEL A01112 Medium Flap in Black Patent Leather with SHW
~ For Aida ~
CHANEL A58601 Maxi Flap in Orangey-Red Patent Leather with SHW
~ For Rachel ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥

CHANEL Classic CC Crystals Earrings - Silver
(Secured at last!)
~ For Mag ~
**SOLD with ♥♥ to Emma U. Ali**
CHANEL Crystals Bow CC Earrings - Gold
**SOLD with ♥♥ to QQChanel Lover**

CHANEL Crystals CC Buckle Leather Belts
~ For QQChanel Lover ~

DIOR 'Diorissimo' Large Tote in Fuchsia Togo Leather
(with matching Togo leather Ziparound Wallet)
~ For Zuraini ~
The latest DIOR 'Addict' Leather Tote in Fuchsia
~ with matching insert pouch (optional accessory)
~ For Zuraini ~
GUCCI Bree Leather Shoulder Bag
~ For Marsita ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
HERMES bags seems to still elude us but we guess we are lucky to have secured these! 

One of which is the HERMES Reversible Belt in Orange/Red that our customer had wanted in time for CNY! We felt great to have fulfilled her wish! :)

HERMES Rodeo GM - Color: Green
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
HERMES Carmen in Duo color (Orange/Rose)
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
Our quickie trip generated alot of last minute LV orders hahhaha.. we are pretty fortunate to have been able to secure them all! :D

**We did not snap individual photos of the LV Neverfull & Speedy in Damier Ebene...hehehe**

LOUIS VUITTON Insolite Wallet - Color: Rose Indien
 ~ For Janet ~
~ For Nur Hanani ~
LOUIS VUITTON Brea MM in Epi Leather - Color: Carmine
~ For Sue ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

~ For Nursyafica ~
~ On behalf of Vinny ~
We also fulfilled 1 special request for a LV shoes this trip + various small leather goods :D
LOUIS VUITTON Preppy Loafter in Suede Calf Leather
~ For Emma U. Ali ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Mini Pochette Accessoires
~ For Marina ~
LOUIS VUITTON Initials Taiga Wallet
~ For Megan ~
LOUIS VUITTON Multiple Wallet - Color: Boreal
~ For Clie D.S ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON St. Paul's Clutch
~ For Aida ~
Guess what... we even received various last minute orders for LONGCHAMP bags.. they are afterall a French brand! hahhaha
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir - Color: Platine
~ For Afifah ~
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Cuir - Color: Lemon Yellow
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
The latest LONGCHAMP Tribu 31cm/long handle - Color: Khaki
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
The NEW LONGCHAMP Bambou 31cm/long handle
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
Surprisingly this trip there was not much demand for PRADA.. perhaps uolls are awaiting us to make a trip to Italy? But note prices in Italy and Paris are now the same dy! hahahhaha
PRADA BN1801 Saffiano Lux Tote - Color: Turchese / Turquoise
~ For Alice ~
PRADA 1M0506 Saffiano Ziparound Wallet - Color: Tamaris
~ For Su Ming ~


We took the extra trouble to fulfill our customer's requests for the FERRAGAMO Varina Flats! No boxes yea.. it just takes up way too much luggage space!
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Varina Flats - Color: Hot Pink / Fuchsia
~ For Nor Aziha, Syikin & Zuraini ~
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Varina Flats - Color: Aqua
~ For Syikin ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Not forgetting we managed to fulfill our customer's request for FERRAGAMO Hair Clips too :D
~ For Stephanie ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Meantime, these are the goodies secured and delivered to all customers prior to our quickie shopping trip to Paris! :P
DIOR 'Lady Dior' Medium Tote - Color: Baby Blue
~ For Zahriyah ~

A beauty super difficult to secure.. we are happy our SA kept a pair for us :)
DIOR Tribal Miss En Dior Earrings - Silver
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
PRADA 2M0513 Men's Wallet - Color: Baltic Blue
~ On behalf of Vinny ~
PRADA BN1801 Saffiano Lux Tote - Color: Fuoco
~ On behalf of AN ~
ANYA HINDMARCH Large Soft Ebury Tote - Black
~ For QQChanel Lover ~
**SALE Grabs**
BALENCIAGA Giant Silver Mini City in Anthracite
BURBERRY Medium Canvas Check Hobo - Color: Cadmium Red
~ On behalf of AN ~
GUCCI Black Guccissima Leather Messenger Bag
~ For Airin ~
GUCCI Soho Off-White Leather Disco Bag
~ For Vinny ~

TOD'S G-Line Medium Canvas Tote - Red
~ For Wilma, AN & Asfalila ~

TOD'S G-Line Medium Canvas Tote - Lavender Blue
**SOLD with ♥♥ to Siti Nur Fatima**

Friday, January 3, 2014

Quick Shopping Trip - January 2014! :)

Its a brand new year this 2014 and we'll start by having a quick shopping trip to Paris (again) to see if we are able to grab beautiful goodies and come back in time to deliver to all our customers before we break for the CNY festivities :)


Place your orders with us ASAP! 

Slots and luggage weight/space is very limited and our quota is limited as well (unfortunately).. 

As such, we will only procure orders with upfront 50% deposit received! No last minute orders yea.. 


If you missed our quickie trip, rest assured our preorders remains opened and not closed yea.. u can still place your orders but special prices quoted may not be applicable yea :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Greet the Lunar Year of the Horse 2014!

2014 has begun and let's greet this upcoming Lunar Year of the Horse with #LONGCHAMP's latest LIMITED EDITION bag!

All bags are in-stock 
(no need to wait for preorders)

Order today, dispatch the same day if payment received before 2pm OR the next working day! :)

LONGCHAMP Cavalier Tote - Color: Black
LONGCHAMP Cavalier Tote - Color: Red

Enquiries HERE!


This is STRICTLY for feedback/enquiries ONLY! Any Ads found here will be deleted without prior notice!

**COMPULSORY** Pls leave your email address so that enquiries can be responded to! TQVM

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