Monday, July 28, 2014

SOLD-OUT: PRADA Outlet Bags/Accessories

During our latest trip to London, we managed to squeeze time to drop by for a quick visit to the outlet in London.. m sure all of you are aware where we're referring to..

We managed to grab hold of some popular PRADA outlet bag models (as we are only restricted to 4 bags per passport) - so we have 4 bags and assorted accessories up for grabs.. 

Only 1pc per color/design yea.. so be sure not to miss out :)
The Men's wallets were snapped up the minute we posted up on our Instagram - no chance to post here on our blog post hahahhaa :P

All our in-stock items here can be found on our e-shop link - be sure to click and check the prices/details therein!

Click HERE --->

PRADA BN2106 Tessuto Saffian Tote - Color: Rosso (Red)
Size: 29 x 21 x 18cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Christine ~
Don't be confused with this next photo as this is the larger version of the above.. hahhah :)
PRADA BN2541 Tessuto Saffian Tote - Color: Rosso (Red)
Size: 39 x 24 x 17cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Rosemarie ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

One customer initially reserved for this bag but it appears to us she has decided to backout as our attempts to contact her after bag is secured has failed!

PRADA BN1902 Tessuto Soft Calf Top Handle Bag - Color: Nero (Black)
Size: 36 x 29 x 17cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~
This one we missed out to post up earlier.. hehehe :)
PRADA BN2527 Tessuto Shopping Tote - Color: Corinto (Brown)
Size: 36 x 26 x 18cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Nicole ~
PRADA BN2534 Vitello Daino Leather Tote - Color: Nero (Black)
Size: 32 x 27 x 19cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Irma ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥


PRADA 1M1132 Saffiano Bow Long Wallet - Color: Peonia
Size: 18.7 x 9cm
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~

Back view
Inner view

PRADA 1M0223 Saffiano Key Pouch - Color: Ibisco (Pink)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to San Jean ~
Inner view - 6 multicles
PRADA 1M0223 Saffiano Key Pouch - Color: Ametista (Dark Pink)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Nicole ~
Inner view - 6 multicles

These 2 men's wallet are sold/reserved within minutes after we posted them up on our Instagram.. sorry to those who missed out! :O
PRADA 2M0513 Saffiano Men's Wallet - Color: Anthracite (Grey)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Hazrina ~
PRADA 2M0513 Saffiano Men's Wallet - Color: Nero (Black)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Vianaliza (from Brunei) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mid-Year / Raya Bags Fulfilled :)

It's been a rushed trip in our effort to bring back ALL the Raya bags ordered by our dear customers.. Sorry we can't do a proper groupie shot as upon arrival itself, there were customers waiting to meet us to collect their bags (eager to collect in person before the upcoming Raya festivities) :)

Anyways, here are the eye-candies for all to feast upon!

We are utterly surprised with the overwhelming demand for BALENCIAGA following the 1-day sales on 17/7/2014 in London :D

Can you spot which is yours? ahhahahhahaa :P
Assorted BALENCIAGA bag models & colors
BALENCIAGA Giant Silver City in Rose Azalee + Giant Gold City in Vert Jade
~ For Sakura & Adeline T ~
BALENCIAGA Classic City in Ultraviolet
~ For Laili ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Part-Time in Violet
~ For Fara Hanim ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Town in Nude Pink & Bleu Persan
~ For Hazrina & Cheryl ~

BALENCIAGA Giant Silver Town in Blue Dragee
~ For Hazrina ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Mini City in Rose Azalee & Vert Jade
~ For Hazrina ~

BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Mini City in Rose Poudre
~ For Tze Yen ~
BALENCIAGA Metallic Edge Mini City in Bleu Persan
~ For Christine ~

The latest Fall collection color and we secured it for our 1st time customer who placed her order at the very last minute.. she is opting for the 3x installment payments.. :P
BALENCIAGA Mini A4 Papier Zip - Color: Rose Aubergine
~ For Min Zhi ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
We grabbed this beauty as soon as we spotted it in Paris.. hahahha.. so who wants to be her proud 'mama'? :)
CHANEL A92193 New Medium Le Boy Flap in Black Caviar with Ruthenium hardware
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Esther ~
Another 2 last minute orders successfully picked-up from our SA in Paris ♥♥
DIOR 'Lady Dior' Medium Tote in Fuchsia GHW
~ For CLJ ~

We are thankful for the trust by our returning customer from Down Under - this is her 3rd bag order with us within these short span of only few months :)
She is also opting for installment payments in 3x 
DIOR 'Lady Dior' Large Tote in Tricolor
~ For Sisilia ~

Giant Gold Triple Tour in Rose Azalee
~ For Adeline T ~

Giant Gold Triple Tour in Bleu Persan
~ For Fadlina ~
Giant Gold Bracelet in Black
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Hazelin ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

MIU MIU Bracelet - Color: Patent Pink
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Stephanie~


Our customer requested for this item and we fulfilled her wish.. hehehe :P
Remember, your wish is our command (we will do our best to fulfill your wish) ^_^
CHANEL Caviar Coin Purse - Black GHW
~ For Munirah ~
LOUIS VUITTON Zippy Wallet - Monogram Canvas
~ For Affinie ~

1st time customer who placed an order at a very last minute and wanted it as her 1st ever designer bag and we are pleased to fulfill her wish...

What's inside the brown box? :P
What's inside the box? :)
Here's her 'baby' unveiled :P
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 in Monogram Canvas
~ For Mastura ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Another 1st timer and we are pleased to have been able to dispatch the ordered bag on our Poslaju cut-off date (21/7/2014) :P
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damier Ebene
~ For Athira ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

 We have managed to secure several pairs of the elusive CHANEL Espadrilles and we are pleased to have fulfilled some of our waiting list customers.. we still have a long list more to hunt for! Hang in there yea! 
CHANEL Leather & Canvas Espadrilles in assorted colors/sizes
CHANEL Leather Espadrilles - Black (size 40)
~ For Sall ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL Leather Espadrilles - Black (size 41)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Diyana ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles - Off-White/Black (size 38)
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Tahirah ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles - Blue/Black (size 41)
~ For Fadlina ~

We forgotten to mention that we managed to squeeze a quick trip to the outlet in London when we were there.. we will share available PRADA bags/wallets we managed to secure in the next post yea :P

Stay tuned!! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid-Year Goodies Secured with ♥♥ (Part 2)

Come check out our 2nd part of our mid-year goodies secured with ♥♥ for our dear customers - we are pleased to have secured all your Raya bags in time :)

Lookie at the CHANEL's we managed to secure! Hahahhaha.. 
CHANEL Goodies :)

Our proudest moment to have finally found this beauty for our dear customer :)
CHANEL Le Boy Flap 10" in Black Caviar with SHW
~ For Ivy ~
Special request fulfilled at last! Lucky to have found this piece :) hahahhaa
CHANEL A49889 Chain-Around Flap in Reddish Brown
(boutique termed this as Dark Brown)??
~ For C.Yee Ling ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
We grabbed this as a ready stock and our regular customer grabbed it almost instantly! hahahhaha
CHANEL A49889 Chain-Around Flap in Navy
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Zuraini ~
DIOR 'Lady Dior' Large Tote in Lambskin - Color: Green
~ For Syarifah (Sherry) ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

This is our 2nd GOYARD bag secured within this short time frame :)

GOYARD St.Louis PM Tote - Color: Red
~ For Grace ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Our customer's LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Mon-Monogram personalised with her very own initials is finally ready and its collected for delivery to her in time for Raya.. yeay! :)

Minimum waiting period: 6 weeks!
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30B Mon-Monogram - Personalised!
~ For Fadlina ~
Lookie what we managed to secure?
Who can guess the bag inside this big Orange box? hahahhaha

Let's unveil it :)
HERMES Herbag PM 31cm - Color: Rubies
~ SOLD with ♥♥ ~

LONGCHAMP Planetes has been discontinued and the LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Neo (as its replacement) comes with only 1 size in long handle (31cm/LH)
LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Neo 31cm/LH - Color: Fuchsia

ON-SALES bags! :)
We have secured multiple units of this same bag :)
ANYA HINDMARCH Small Belvedere Hi-Shine Leather - Color: Navy
~ For Laili ~
ANYA HINDMARCH Small Belvedere Hi-Shine Leather - Color: Navy
~ For Ruziana ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
ANYA HINDMARCH Small Belvedere Hi-Shine Leather - Color: Navy
~ For Nadia Hanim~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥

The BALENCIAGA weekend sales on 5th & 6th July 2014 (not to be mistaken with Summer Sales) in London generated much excitement from our customers - return and 1st timers alike and we are pleased to have secured them all :) 

Woah.. these bags are heavy! :O
Assorted BALENCIAGA bags secured for customers :)
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Mini City - Color: Black
~ For Noorfaliana, Nur Alyana & Marina ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold & Giant Silver Mini City - Color: Rose Poudre
~ For Adeline T & Ivy ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Town in Nude Pink & Giant Rose Gold Town in Purple
~ For Alice & Adeline T ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Velo - Color: Rose Bonbon
~ For Nik Noraini ~
BALENCIAGA Giant Silver City - Color: Bleu Persan
~ For HG ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥


This beauty is secured for our 1st time customer - who initially opted to purchase from elsewhere but apparently they did not manage to secure the item for her! Anyways, we have successfully secured it for her on the same day she Whatsapp us her enquiry/request! hahahahhaha :)
CHANEL A31505 Petit Portefeuille in Black Lambskin
~ For Eevon ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
CHANEL A31505 Petit Portefeuille in Burgundy Caviar
~ For Lisa Gan ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
This beauty here was a chance discovery and we purchased it - intended it to be a ready stock for sale but it was grabbed by our return customer from EM within a blink of an eye.. hahahha :)
CHANEL Wallet on Chain in Caviar - Color: Burgundy
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to SKS ~

We grabbed our 2nd unit of the CHANEL Wallet on Chain in Caviar - Color: Burgundy and again it was snapped up by our customer :) hehehhee
CHANEL Wallet on Chain in Caviar - Color: Burgundy
~For Evangelyn ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
A last minute request and we managed to secure them successfully :)
CHANEL Caviar Card Holder
Red caviar SHW
~ For Aizura ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Black GHW 
~ For Yusnita (SG) ~

BOTTEGA VENETA Medium Grey Intreciato Vachette Continental Wallet
~ For Inez ~
LOUIS VUITTON Insolite Monogram Multicolore Wallet - Color: Grenade
~ For Idz ~
LOUIS VUITTON Mini Pochette in Damier Ebene
~ For K.Choi Mei ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
LOUIS VUITTON Multiple Wallet in Epi Leather - Color: Bleu Nuit
~ On behalf of AN ~
LOUIS VUITTON Initiales Reversible Calf Leather Belt
~ On behalf of AN ~
PRADA 1M1316 Document Holder - Color: Turquoise
~ For Ceylein ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

We 'pau' all Raya bags for our return customer's siblings hahahhaha.. these all belongs to herself and her sisters :)
LOUIS VUITTON Favorite MM in Monogram Canvas
~ For Affinie ~
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damier Ebene
~ For Affinie ~
LOUIS VUITTON Delightful PM - Monogram Canvas
~ For Affinie ~
LOUIS VUITTON Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Monogram Canvas
~ For C.Yee Ling ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥

Someone requested / ordered for this item and wanted it to reach before Raya.. item is here already but we can't seem to reach the customer via Whatsapp or SMS :(
GUCCI GG Supreme Canvas Belt Bag
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to CLJ ~

New shoes to match new Baju Raya / Bag Raya ka? hahahhaha... anyways we are pleased to have secured these for our customers...

Ola.. we managed to find this beauty in the size our customer wanted.. hahaha :)
CHANEL Camellia Ballerinas - Black/White (size 39.5)
~ For Azlita Maria ~
CHANEL Bow Ballerinas - Black/Brown (size 35.5)
~ For Aimi ~
♥♥1st time customer♥♥
She returned to order her 2nd pair with us - and we found her size :) 
Petite shoes for a pretty lass :)
CHANEL Quilted Ballerina Flats - Black (size 35)
~ For Aimi ~
This pair of CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles in Off-white/Black was found and secured in Paris by chance.. and it was snapped up by our 1st time customer.. hahaha :)
CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles - Off-White/Black
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Laily ~

♥♥1st time customer♥♥
Our heartiest thanks to our SA in London who always prompt us whenever stocks of Espadrilles arrives :P
CHANEL Canvas Espadrilles - Off-White/Black
~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Sisilia ~
CHANEL Leather Espadrilles in Beige/Black - size 36~ SOLD with ♥♥ to Hani (Munirah's friend)~
Sorry to have missed out this in our earlier post.. hahahha :)
This was our 2nd pair secured for our return customer (for her sister) :)
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Vara Heels 3cm in Patent Leather - Color: Black
~ For Shirley ~
Found this pair at long last from London (in our customer's desired size - 41) :)
Yeay.. Raya shoes wishlist fulfilled hehehe :P
VALENTINO Rockstuds Flats - Black/Nude (size 41)
~ For Fadlina ~

Secured this for our young customer from EM :)
BALENCIAGA Giant Gold Triple Tour Bracelet - Color: Navy
~ For Suzanne ~
Successfully restocked more of this classic beauty - grab them fast if you want them!! 
CHANEL Slim CC Earrings - Color: Silver

Found this at long last.. this is one hard beauty to get :(
HERMES Clic Clac H in Black/GHW - size PM
~ For Sharon ~

We will be off to London on 15/7/2014 night to pick-up orders during the Mid-Week Sales happening on 17th July 2014!! 

Your last chance to preorder any bags for delivery - Confirm all orders along with upfront 50% deposit remitted by 15/7/2014

We highly prefer self-collection as Poslaju deliveries are very sluggish and slow during the month of Ramadhan and with the Raya festivities approaching - the volume of parcels in Poslaju centres nationwide is unbelievable!!

For outstation customers, we will post our last batch of goods out on 21/7/2014 and hopefully it will reaches your hands in time before Raya :)

This is the official announcement from Poslaju Malaysia :)

Enquiries HERE!


This is STRICTLY for feedback/enquiries ONLY! Any Ads found here will be deleted without prior notice!

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